Become a Member

Membership Benefits:
Access to hundreds of members through listservs, members-only forums, free conference calls and webinars, members-only sections of the website, regional meetings, discounted Consortium Drive-in Institutes, constituency-based groups (People of Color Group, Trans & Genderqueer Group, and LGBT2 Group), and leadership positions within the organization.

Membership Eligibility:No individual shall be denied membership in the Consortium if they meet the eligibility requirements. Eligibility is open to:

  1. Any professional staff, faculty, or graduate student at an institution of higher education or individuals and organizations working towards improving campus climate and services for communities across the spectrum of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression;
  2. Supports the mission of the Consortium;
  3. Meets the qualifications for either Practitioner or Affiliate Membership (please see Membership Policies for more information);
  4. Completes an application for membership (please choose the appropriate form below based on Membership type); AND
  5. Remits appropriate dues.

Annual Dues

  • Individual Practitioner or Affiliate Memberships are $50. The Consortium is committed to the inclusion of any eligible Individual Practitioner Member and will not turn away an eligible member due to an inability to pay the full membership amount. A discounted rate may be utilized if deemed appropriate by the Executive Board. Please contact the Organizational Operations Collective for more information.
  • Institutional Memberships are $250 for 2-6 members, $450 for 7-11 members, or $650 for 12-16 members. Institutional memberships may add additional members online later if all membership spots are not filled at the time of dues payment.

Membership Application Forms

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Please choose the appropriate form below to start your application process. Please see our Membership Policies for definitions of each of our membership types. The forms below are for new members. If you are a current member, you will receive a dues renewal form from our Membership Chair.


Institutional Membership

Affiliate Membership


For more information on completing a membership application, please visit our tutorial.


Membership Renewal

Members will receive an email reminder 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days before their membership expiration date with instructions on how to renew their membership and a link directly to the form. If you are part of an Institutional Membership, only the primary contact for that membership will be contacted on all three occasions. Dependent members (up to 5 additional members allowed on Institutional memberships) as well as the primary contact will receive a message if the membership lapses without renewal. The primary contact is the only member that may initiate the renewal form. Unfortunately, this task may not be delegated to an administrative assistant as the membership is tied directly to your profile.

If you are the primary contact responsible for renewing the Institutional membership, you will also need to renew any of the dependent members that you wish to keep on the membership at that time. You do this by reviewing and updating your OWN profile information and then clicking on the CONTINUE button. You will then have the opportunity to renew EACH existing dependent member. If you do not wish for them to stay on the membership, simply do not renew that person's membership. If you'd like add a NEW member to your Institutional membership, you will simply complete the renewal form for yourself and the existing dependent members first. Upon submission of your renewal form, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for adding new members to your Institutional membership.

All of these instructions appear directly on the renewal form itself, so you don't have to worry about remembering all of these instructions if you simply read the instructions and follow along.

You may direct any membership questions to the Organizational Operations Collective