Consortium Executive Board 2019-2021
Current Board Members, left to right: Chris Woods, Jordan "JT" Turner, Vanessa Gonzalez-Siegel, KJ Freudigmann, Deejay Brown, Chris Tanaka, Kayla Lisenby, Lauren Moreno, RB Brooks
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[email protected]

For general inquiries about the Consortium and how to connect with the organization.

 Chris Woods Headshot

Internal Coordinator

Chris Woods

 Rashad Temp Headshot

Interim External Coordinator

J. Rashad Small


Membership Engagement Collective
[email protected]

For questions about education, engagement, regions, and constituency support.



KJ Freudigmann Headshot

KJ Freudigmann

Lauren Headshot Website

Lalo Moreno

RB Headshot Website

RB Brooks


Organizational Operations Collective
[email protected]

For questions about membership, budget, co-sponsorships, and media/marketing (e.g. social media, website, email)

Chris Tanaka Headshot Website

Chris Tanaka
(they/them or she/her)

Kayla Lisenby Headshot

Kayla Lisenby
(they/them or she/her)

Vanessa Headshot Website

Vanessa Gonzalez-Siegel




Half of the Executive board members transition and a new set of board members are voted in by membership every two years. 
If you are interested in additional volunteer positions/leadership opportunities with The Consortium, please visit our Get Involved page!