Research Postings

The Consortium supports the important research of our campus partners and scholars. To ensure the most rigorous and ethical standards the Consortium requests that all calls for research participation be done through the below process. Research should be related to the mission of the Consortium and our commitment to issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and co-related topics.

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Please ensure that all information is filled out—especially the University Affiliation and IRB—to ensure the announcement is approved for posting on our forum.

You must be a member to post a research posting.  Please first login to your account, and then visit our Research Posting Forum to post the information below:

Submitter Information
  • ​Name associated with project
  • Contact email address for project
Research Details
  • Title of research project
  • Contact(s) for research (including email and/or phone)
  • Description (please limit to 250 words)
  • How to access research (link, email, address for paper)
  • University affiliation and IRB review (please include IRB approval number and address of university’s IRB page)
  • Date or search process
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If you have any questions about the research postings, please email the Organizational Operations Collective.