Policy & Practice Recommendations

The Consortium, with all of its members, is continuously striving to create college and university environments where all LGBT people have equity in every respect. To do that, we have created various documents that recommend policies and practices to achieve this goal.

Supporting Trans and Queer Students of Color

Student affairs (SA) professionals have a unique opportunity to work directly with trans and queer students of color (TQSOC) on campuses across the United States. Most of this work is concentrated in cultural centers, which include race-specific resource centers, LGBTQ+ resource centers, and multicultural resource enters. Due to nationwide calls for accountability and the growing need to better serve TQSOC, we the committee have decided to combine our efforts and create guiding suggestions for campus partners to use when doing the work of supporting TQSOC. In this document we will discuss the historical context of cultural centers and LGBTQ+ centers on college campuses. Too few of us know these histories, which can prove a barrier to collaboration. The first section will also explore other barriers to collaboration including a lack of awareness around race/racism/whiteness in LGBTQ+ spaces, as well as a lack of awareness around sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression (SOGIE) in multicultural center spaces. This document also contains suggestions for SA professionals to incorporate into their departments. We invite you to spend some time reflecting upon the questions for further consideration that are found in each section.

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Please note that this document is listed as "Consortium Historical Document" as of April 2023. A committee has been established within the Consortium to provide updated guidance. If you have questions, please email [email protected]

LGBT2 Supervision Tips

The LGBT2 Supervision Tips document was created by the Consortium’s LGBT2 Constituency Committee to support LGBT2s and their supervisors in initiating, developing, and maintaining productive supervisory relationships. These tips were formed using information generated by the LGBT2 Supervision Tips Survey released in summer 2014. LGBT2s and their supervisors can use this document as a guide for conversations or as a reference tool in ways that best fit the unique supervisory relationship between these practitioners.

Join the members of the Consortium in the discussion! For more information about these tips, please connect with the LGBT2 Constituency Committee (LGBT2CC) by emailing [email protected]!

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Suggested Best Practices for Asking Sexual Orientation and Gender on College Applications

Released April 2015

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Suggested Best Practices for Supporting Trans* Students

Released June 2014

The Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals’ Trans* Policy Working Group, in consultation with national student affairs associations, developed best practice recommendations to assist colleges and universities in providing services and support to trans* students. In February 2014, the Consortium charged Dr. Genny Beemyn, chair of the appointed eight person, multi-regional working group to devise trans* policies and practices. Building upon work with AACRAO (the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) the Trans* Policy Working Group analyzed and developed suggested best practices in eight areas, campus records and documents, housing, recreational sports and locker rooms, campus facilities, sororities and fraternities, Deans of Students/Campus Conduct Offices, campus health centers, and campus counseling centers. 

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