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 Subject : Research Assistant (Behavioral Neuroscience) at Kansas State Universit.. 08/16/2018 07:20:17 PM 
Roberta Maldonado-Franzen
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Subject :Research Assistant (Behavioral Neuroscience) at Kansas State University

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The Department of Psychological Sciences at Kansas State University is seeking a full-time Research Assistant in Behavioral Neuroscience.

This position is a laboratory technician role working on an NIH R01 grant awarded to Dr. Kimberly Kirkpatrick. The technician will primarily program and conduct operant behavioral analysis procedures, assist with neurobiological procedures such as DREADDs and immunohistochemistry assays, supervise undergraduate assistants, present at conferences, and assist with data analysis, conference presentations, and manuscript preparation. The activities center on the successful completion of the R01 award and dissemination of the research outcomes.

We welcome you to visit our website to learn more about what we do:

This is an ideal opportunity for a post-baccalaureate experience to promote the pursuit of a long-term career in behavioral neuroscience. We offer an excellent learning environment including opportunities for training in neuroscience and behavioral techniques, advanced data analysis methods, programming skills, and professional development such as writing and presentation skills. 

If you want the opportunity to be taught by and to work with nationally and internationally renowned faculty and their students, we invite you to join us! 

We Support Diversity and Inclusion:
The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster diversity in a commitment to recruit, retain and resource peoples historically under-represented in university education in the United States. Fostering diversity goes beyond increasing the numbers of under-represented students, faculty and staff. It also includes a commitment to substantial curricular offerings, resources, and programming that foregrounds the knowledges, perspectives, cultures, and histories of marginalized communities. A truly diverse college culture and structure will benefit all members of the university community to better serve and excel in an increasingly global and multicultural world.

Salary Range: $16.71-$28.40 per hour

This position is benefits eligible! For more information, please review our Benefits Summary, Total Rewards or visit:

View Full Job Details at:

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