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 Subject : Education and Training Program Manager, University of Michigan.. 03/13/2018 07:31:58 PM 
Roman Christiaens
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The Education and Training Program Manager (E&T Program Manager) leads the design, coordination, implementation, and assessment of all Education and Training initiatives. These include: tailored workshops, My Voice speaker panels, Allyhood Development Trainings, and educational consultations. These offerings are requestable and open to the University of Michigan, other higher education institutions, and local organizations and corporations. The E&T Program Manager provides leadership to a team of one graduate student and one undergraduate student who support this set of work.

Education and Training (65%): Internal & External Education & Training
Lead the design, coordination, and implementation of all education and training efforts that enhance the learning and development of our students, the University of Michigan community, and other key constituents.
Support university-wide consultation by providing expertise to campus and community partners in gender and sexuality inclusion.
Facilitate new partnerships where there is expressed or known need for knowledge and skill development both on and off campus.
Design, implement, and assess Spectrum Center facilitator trainings.
Serve as the lead facilitator within the Spectrum Center, providing coaching through one-on-one and group workshops for staff and student facilitators.
Collaborate with the Spectrum Center Communications Team to assess outreach needs for E&T programs and support the development of marketing and communications plans for strategic growth.
Provide resources and support to all Spectrum Center staff and student staff around supervision, development of conference proposals, workshop development, and facilitation techniques.
Support the Assistant Director for Learning and Development with campus capacity building as a part of Student Life’s five-year Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Assessment (20%)
Continually assess education and training needs throughout the campus and community.
Utilize project, process, and outcome assessment to inform changes in E&T offerings and processes.
Develop and maintain all tracking and reports for E&T offerings.
Actively participate in professional development opportunities that ground our E&T work in national best practices around gender and sexuality education.

All Staff Responsibilities (15%)
Provide divisional and university-wide leadership around diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Actively engage in Student Life and University-wide committees and collaborations.
Publicly represent and answer questions about the Spectrum Center at informational events, such as orientation fairs, campus programs, and community events.
Actively engage in all Spectrum Center all staff meetings, team meetings, and supervision sessions.
Invest in the development of all staff, student staff, and volunteers associated with the Center.
Required Qualifications*

Master's degree in Higher Education Administration, or relevant field (Social Work, Education, Counseling, etc).

Desired Qualifications*

Demonstrated understanding of Student Affairs philosophy and commitment to student development.
Ability to set expectations and achieve results while contributing to the larger unit goals & mission.
Ability to manage multiple priorities and work cooperatively with others in a fast-paced, changing environment.
Ability to accomplish tasks autonomously and efficiently. Strong administrative and organizational skills.

Position Criteria:
Experience with various types of facilitation including dialogue, educational trainings, group meetings, and one-on-one conversations.
Demonstrated effectiveness in designing, implementing, and assessing initiatives.
Demonstrated experience in workshop design, facilitation, and program assessment.
Demonstrated learning and/or work in the area of intercultural competence, social justice education and social identity development.
Demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively in diverse teams.
Demonstrated understanding and engagement with the complex and intersectional experiences of queer people, with specific focus in race and ethnicity.
Strong interpersonal skills, including excellent written and verbal communication.
Flexible work schedule required for weekend and evening programs.
Financial/Budgetary Responsibility

Manage Spectrum Center Education & Training Budget including allocating fiscal year budget and reconciling expenses.

Working conditions: Work is 40 hours per week (exempt position), with regular evenings and weekends required.
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