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 Subject : Assistant Director for Sexual/Gender, University of North Carolina at .. 06/08/2018 02:11:04 PM 
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Subject :Assistant Director for Sexual/Gender, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Position Title: Assistant Director for Sexual/Gender Position Number: 774 Diversity
Department or Office Student Activities (Multicultural Resource Center)
Name of Department Director Karen Shaffer
Name of Immediate Supervisor Kim Turner
Job Title of Immediate Supervisor Director of the Multicultural Resource Center
Primary Purpose of Job
1. Briefly describe the primary purpose (mission) of your unit or department.
UNC Charlotte’s Multicultural Resource Center seeks to create an environment that celebrates and recognizes individual diversity, inspires education and advocacy, while actively engaging the support of the campus community. Student Activities, a unit of the Student Union, Activities and Recreation department within Student Affairs, creates student learning and development opportunities that inspire campus involvement and civic engagement.
As a unit of Student Activities, the Multicultural Resource Center offers on-going education and training exploring the many facets of diversity and human relations. The Center also offers a host of multicultural programs providing expanding learning opportunities for students while honoring the unique diversity present at UNC Charlotte and the broader Charlotte community.
2. What functional areas does your position encompass?
The primary responsibility of the Assistant Director for Sexual/Gender Diversity is to provide social, cultural, and educational programming for the university as related to gender and sexual diversity. This includes support and efforts that focus on the experiences, issues, and concerns of the LGBTQ+ student population as well as topics that give attention to gender and sexuality, paying particular attention to intersectional oppressions. The Assistant Director will oversee and coordinate resources, networks, and information for the Safe Zone Ally, Queer Year 1, and Friendly Peer programs. The Assistant Director will serve on committees and will assist in departmental, divisional, and university efforts impacting the LGBTQ+ student population as assigned by the Director. Other responsibilities include facilitating student workshops and classroom presentations; supporting student organizations who identify as LQBTQ+; completing initiatives as assigned by the Director of the Multicultural Resource Center; and serving as a liaison between LGBTQ+ communities on and off campus.

Major Duties and Responsibilities
1. Training and Program Development
A. Develop and coordinate various ally development programs and other initiatives
regarding sexual & gender diversity.
B. Collaborate with administrative staff, faculty, and student organizations in
developing education and programming concerning sexual and gender diversity.
C. Prepare and distribute materials marketing the services, programs, and activities
for the LGBTQ+ population.
D. Oversee the Safe Zone, Queer Year 1, andFriendly Peer Program and its various
components: trainings, website management, marketing, and other administrative
E. Oversee Trans* @ UNC Charlotte and the Trans* Committee and their various
components: website management, marketing, and other administrative elements.
2. Direct
A. Develop and support networks of problem solving for students. This may include
Support, Outreach and Leadership Development
mediation/conflict management programs, peer support programs (or other approaches as needed), providing information about housing and health care on campus, and being an advocate for LGBTQ+ students..
B. Refer students, faculty, and staff to campus resources, community agencies, and individuals that provide services that affirm the dignity and human rights of all LGBTQ+ populations.
C. Identify leadership opportunities and resources for LGBTQ + students.
D. Serve as a unit/departmental liaison to the LGBTQ+ community within Charlotte
and surrounding areas as directed.
E. Provide guidance and direct support for LGBTQ+ students navigating related
issues on and off campus.
3. Administration
A. Create and implement outcome assessment for programming and services focused
on issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ communities
B. Identify and implement assessment instruments designed to assess campus
climate issues relevant to LGBTQ+ students.
C. Chair and/or serve on university committees as directed.
D. Assist in the assessment efforts for the Multicultural Resource Center.
E. Other duties as assigned by the Director of the Multicultural Resource Center.
4. Supervision
A. Supervise graduate assistant for sexual/gender diversity

Discretion and Independence of Actions

As appropriate to the basic function of your position, describe fully the independence and or administrative authority and discretion this position has;
This position is responsible for developing/implementing programs, trainings, and workshops and has autonomy in areas relevant to these efforts. Periodically, there are special projects assigned by the supervisor. All budget components must receive the supervisor’s approval.

Number of employees and student workers the position directly supervises: 0
Full time :
Part time:
Administrative Clerical Technical/Service
Administrative Clerical Technical/Service
List position’s responsibilities for hiring, terminating, training, disciplining etc. of subordinates.
Supervision Received
Describe level of guidance or supervision this position receives and from what source(s).
This position reports directly to the Director of the Multicultural Resource Center. There are both formally-scheduled meetings and informal contacts that provide opportunities for feedback, evaluation, and counsel; a formal monthly report is an expectation. This position is also annually evaluated.
Education, Skills and Experience Requirements
(A) Describe briefly and separately, the formal education or training, the professional skills, and
the work experience required to assume duties of this position. Include any special certifications or licensure required.
Master’s Degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs Administration, or related field. At least two years of experience in student affairs working with diverse student populations (preferably the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population). Experience in student identity development, student organizational advising, program development, implementation & evaluation, and training/facilitation. Strong communication skills are needed. Computer skills including Macintosh applications are preferred.
(B) If this position has an incumbent; please list any professional societies of which the employee is a member, any papers published or presentations made at professional meetings in the last three years.
LGBT Community Center; Time Out Youth; Campus PRIDE; Charlotte Gender Alliance

Please describe any important aspects of your work that include either instructional/educational duties or research services that have not been described in response to the questions above.
The position will provide various trainings, classroom presentations, and other educational activities for the university community.
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