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 Subject : Director for Sexuality and Gender Diversity.. 03/11/2020 03:43:06 PM 
Annie McBride
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Position Overview:

The Director of the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity (SGD) at the University of Kansas (KU) will support LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual) students across all intersecting minoritized identities (e.g., race/ethnicity, class, age, religion, nationality, ability, and other social identifications). The Director will provide leadership and supervision while also establishing goals and objectives for the Center in collaboration with the Assistant Vice Provost of Diversity and Equity. In addition to overseeing the administrative and operational functions, the Director will work collaboratively to provide advice, counsel, referrals and educational resources to LGBTQIA students and the greater campus community. Maintain and develop educational, social, and advocacy-based programming and services for students, faculty staff, and alumni regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, experience and expression. The director is a key leader, communicator, and educator for social justice with particular expertise about gender and sexual orientation for the university and utilizes a variety of methods and resources. The SGD Center Director facilitates the creation of an affirming and supportive environment through which gender and sexuality are understood to intersect with multiple identifications (e.g., race/ethnicity, class, age, religion, nationality, ability, and other social identifications) of importance to SGD Center constituents.

Job Description

Administrative (50%):
Directs and is responsible for the overall visioning and management of the Center for Sexuality and Gender, consistent with the Office of Diversity and Equity strategic plan and in collaboration with the Assistant Vice Provost for Diversity and Equity. The Director leads the organizational, managerial, program development, administrative functions and assessment of all initiatives that support the functions of the Center and the broader commitment to social justice at the University of Kansas. Oversee the preparation, implementation and reconciliation of the Center’s budget. Works with Endowment to enhance alumni relationships and donor support. Exhibits strong leadership in the areas of strategic planning and visioning, forecasting, fiscal responsibility and program management.

Supervision (25%):
Supervises one full-time coordinator, one part time graduate assistant, a graduate intern or practicum student, and part-time student staff assistants (budget permitting).

Educational Outreach (15%):
Oversees the development and delivery of educational outreach initiatives. Advocates for and organizes training sessions for multiple constituents. Provides guidance, support, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) students, families, student organizations, allies, faculty and staff on academic, personal, social and cultural matters. Serves as a resource to local and state organizations on issues related to the LGBTQIA communities. Attends to intersectionality and interlocking systems of oppression on the interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels.

Collaboration and Advocacy (10%)
Collaborates with all units across the campus to promote a supportive and nurturing campus environment for LGBTQIA students, faculty, staff and alumni. Oversees, directs and supports LGBTQIA programs and events implemented through the Center. Serves on university committees, workgroups, councils and/task forces. Advises university administration on needed policy change. Communicates and collaborates with other Diversity and Equity offices.

Required Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Higher Education or related field.
Minimum of 5-7 years of increasing responsibility in higher education setting with a minimum of 3 years of direct or indirect LGBTQIA student service in higher education.
Overall demonstrated commitment to working with people with marginalized genders and sexualities.
Experience with facilitation and design of workshops, as well as experience with group facilitation and individual advising of LGBTQIA college students in a non-therapeutic context.
Established record of developing programs and events with attention to logistics, budgets, contracts, and publicity.

Preferred Qualifications:
Strong leadership which includes but is not limited to strategic planning, visioning, forecasting, fiscal and program management
Extensive knowledge of student development, social justice, and LGBTQQIA identities, cultures, experiences and development theories
Strong commitment to social justice and understanding of intersectional identities and experiences
Ability to implement, execute, and assess programs and services
Strong communication skills, written and verbal and ability to be collaborative/work on a small team
Strong administrative skills
Supervisory skills for staff with a range in experience from undergraduate work-study to graduate students to semi-seasoned professionals
Computer skills with the ability to learn new software
Possess excellent facilitation, design, and presentation skills

Additional Candidate Instructions:

In addition to the online application, the following documents are required to be considered for this position:
A cover letter addressing how required and preferred qualifications are met.
Resume or curriculum vitae.
Contact information for three professional references.

Application review begins on March 30, 2020. To be considered, please apply no later than Sunday, March 29th, 2020.

Contact Information to Applicants:
Precious Porras
[email protected]

Advertised Salary Range
$65,000 - $70,000

Application Review Begins
Monday, March 30, 2020

Anticipated Start Date
Monday, May 4, 2020
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